Thursday, October 16, 2008

Strange fish in the honours net

PELiK... PELiK...

A decade ago, a team of Malaysian climbers conquered Mount Everest. They were not given any state awards. Later, a sailor made a big hoo-haaaa in wanting to sail around the world, but he failed half-way. Yet, he got a Datukship.

In the year 1998 Commonwealth Games, Malaysian athlete Saravanan won a gold medal. Later, he was abandoned by the government, which had promised him cash incentives and a car. A Tamil daily run its own donation drive to get him a Perdana.

When Alex Yoong got a chance to tak part in the F1 race, the government couldn't find RM1 million to sponsor him. Both Yoong and veteran rally driver Karamjit Singh are still datukless.

An orthopedic surgeon went to space as a tourist and got himself a datukship.

I can go on and on about people who sacrificed for the country and have been forgotten, but hey, lets look at the belly dancing actor who was conferred a Datukship for mesmerizing millions of Malaysians.

Next in line is Mel Gibson, Rajinikanth for his super duper Sivaji the Boss, Vijaya and Trish for Kuruvi's shots in Malaysia, and Kamalhassan for promoting MAS. Malaysia Boleh!

Anyway, congratulations Datuk Shah Rukh Khan!

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don jeles jeles one uooolsss.. ehehe